Label machineTest Equipment

Many time manufacturers have the need to test their product or processes. Buckeye Machine, Inc. had designed and built numerous systems including the following:

  • Conveyor Belt Life-Testers
  • Leak Testers for Differential Housings
  • Flex Testers for Rubber Automotive Components
  • Functional Test Panels for Home Appliances
  • Load Testers for Off-Road Transfer Cases
  • Efficiency Testers for Filter Media
  • Shift Testers for Gearbox Assemblies

Depending on the test parameters, our equipment routinely uses devices for checking torque, fluid pressures, leak-down time, compression and tension loads, air flow, linear movement, amperage draw, etc. Each application is unique and we handle each project according to the customer’s specifications. Let us know what your process and test equipment requirements are, and we will be glad to recommend a solution.