Bottles on conveyor belt in factoryAssembly

Automating your assembly process can result in increased production, better overall quality and safer operations. For more than 30 years, Buckeye has helped customers in many different industries overcome production headaches and maintain their competitiveness.

Machinery Types Include:

  • Semi-Automated Assembly Conveyors
  • Robotic Cells
  • Indexing Turntables
  • Pick and Place Units
  • Vibratory Feeding Equipment
  • Special Assembly Presses

Other technologies used in our equipment include:

  • Automatic Grease Dispensing
  • Force/Distance Monitoring
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • Heat Staking
  • Leak Testing
  • Resistance Welding
  • Glue and Sealant Dispensing
  • Vision Inspection and Control
  • Bar Code Reading
  • I.D. Marking using Paint, Ink, Laser Etching and Metal Engraving
  • Metal Clinching


Buckeye Machine, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacture of purpose-built Piercing and Assembly Presses.  Many times there is a need for off-line operations that require trimming, piercing or assembly work.  That’s where this machinery can really prove its worth.  These presses can range from a few hundred pounds capacity to over 200 tons.  They can be either free-standing or portable. We use air, electric, hydraulic or Air/Hydraulic power sources to operate this equipment. Buckeye Machine, Inc. had designed and built presses for the following operations:

  • Piercing holes in plastic appliance components
  • Pressing bearings and seals into metal castings
  • Clinching sheet metal parts together
  • Trimming sprues from metal castings
  • Punching test strips from metal blanks
  • Press-Fitting axle housings and tubes
  • Installing bearings and gears onto drive shafts
  • Extracting metal housings from rubber isolation mounts

Depending on your specific operations, Buckeye can develop a press to suit your individual needs.  Upon your inquiry, we will evaluate the required tasks and offer you a competitive and reliable solution. Take the first step by contacting us today.

Metal Joining

For decades, welding, riveting and bolting have been used to join pieces of metal to each other.  Each has its advantages and disadvantages. In more recent times, new technologies have emerged that use special tooling to join or connect metals together. A couple recognized methods are the TOX® joint by Pressotechnik and the Tog-L-Loc® joint by BTM.  Buckeye has incorporated both of these technologies in the production of special machines and work cells. While generally limited to materials ¼” thick and less, these machines have the ability to join dissimilar metals and materials of different thicknesses. Parts that are painted or plated can also be accommodated.  This type of equipment has been successfully used in the automotive and home appliance industries, but can be applied to any application requiring the joining of thin metals.

Typical examples where this metal joining technology has been used include:

  • Dryer Heater Ducts-joining two halves together
  • Air Flow Baffles installed inside an Air Duct
  • Mounting brackets attached to sheet metal parts
  • Automotive suspension parts joined to one another
  • Two-piece Fan Ducts joined together

Whether using just a single joint or multiple joints in the same parts, this technology can be a cleaner, safer and more economical way to join your metal components.  Let us take a look at your application to determine how this type of equipment can lead to higher production and profitability.

Material Handling


Conveyors come in all shapes and sizes and perform a myriad of functions and duties. Whether very simple or extremely complex, Buckeye can provide the right conveyor for your specific needs.

Standard conveyors include:

  • Flat Belt
  • Chain Driven Live Roller
  • Gravity Roller
  • Drag Chain
  • Accumulation
  • Table-Top Chain
  • Plastic Belt

Special Conveyors include:

  • Fixtured Slat
  • Cleated Belt and Chain
  • Elevator
  • Chain Transfers
  • Glass and Metal Scrap
  • Fixtured Material Handling

Streamline your operations with a dependable, hardworking conveyor from Buckeye Machine, Inc.. Give us a call to discuss your needs.


Today’s production demands require the ability to adapt to frequent product changes, shorter production runs, lower inventory levels and higher productivity. When it comes to dies or molds, changes can be done quickly and easily with the help of a Buckeye Die/Mold Transfer System. This equipment will make a very difficult and cumbersome process safe, easy, and accurate. It is available in a variety of capacities and configurations depending on specific applications.

Systems can be manually operated or fully automated. Movers can use air, electric or hydraulics depending on customer preferences. Request a quote or call us to discuss a Mold/Die Transfer application!

Saws and Slitters


Wood, Reinforced Rubber Hose, Cardboard, Quartz Glass Tubing, Cast Aluminum, Plastic. These are some of the materials Buckeye Machine, Inc. has developed Saws for. We use everything from standard bands-saw blades to diamond coated cutting disks. We incorporate the proper fixturing, feed mechanisms and cutter drives to produce machinery specifically designed for your application. Our equipment will increase production, improve accuracy and provide a safer work environment than conventional, manual operations.


Many years ago, Buckeye Machine Fabricators, Inc. introduced its first automatic cutting machine for the SMC Industry. By offering continuous refinements and upgrades throughout the years, we have entered into our 4th decade of producing the industry’s best selling machine. Buckeye Slitters help reduce unnecessary scrap, inconsistent charge patterns, excessive cycle times, and ergonomic problems related to manual cutting. Their dependability and ruggedness is second to none. Many of our original machines are still producing accurate and efficient charge patterns today.

Buckeye Slitters have been so dependable and versatile that they have even been adapted to cut cardboard, paper, rope, rubber and other plastics. You will likely find our machines hard at work in the operations of most major SMC producers in North America.

Paper Sheeters

Adapted from our proven and highly successful SMC Slitters, Buckeye Paper Slitters help reduce unnecessary scrap, inconsistent cutting, excessive cycle times, and ergonomic problems. All of these factors translate into higher profits.